Piece of Me

Hi! I’m new here! Let me introduce myself…

I’ve traveled quite a bit internationally and have always loved food and trying new restaurants, as well as cooking. Bone marrow from Barnyard, Chinese peking duck, German eis, fresh crusty french bread with soft cheeses, juicy steak topped with foie gras, and gummy sweet sour candies are all things I dream about and enjoy tasting. I have always been one to eat what I enjoy, but as I got older my enjoyment was leaving extra pounds on my body and inches on my waist.

In 2014 I was pregnant with my first son indulging in every food item that I suddenly had all the cravings for – cinnamon rolls with extra icing, cupcakes, bowls of cereal, mouth-watering steaks with buttery baked potatoes, and even some healthy ones of fresh strawberries, juicy peaches, and ripe red cherries. I love food! I was still doing mild workouts of yoga once a week and some walks, but the 50 pounds crept on. I was told not to worry, to indulge while I had an excuse and breastfeeding would make the weight melt off. I had my son and was instantly in love, but the weight did not melt off, not even when I decided to train for a half marathon. I told myself to get comfortable in my skin because this was me now and that’s just what happens when you get older and your metabolism slows down. I added a daily tabata workout in, but still didn’t notice any weight loss (albeit minimal) until my son was almost 1 year old….and then I learned I was pregnant again.

For my second pregnancy, I decided to do things a little differently since I was already starting out with more weight on me than I would’ve liked. I continued with the tabata workout I had added into my regime and I had the benefit of a very active little boy to chase throughout my pregnancy for added cardio. I still gave into some cravings, but made sure to eat fruit during sugar cravings and drink a lot of water. I ended up gaining only about 20-some pounds, but I knew after having the baby I was ready for a big change. I was unhappy in my skin and didn’t feel like myself. Guilt upon guilt filling an outer shell around the body I longed for.

After my son was born, I continued my tabata workout (actually taking only 2 days off after delivery) and a week later started a 30 day eating clean challenge – no gluten, no sugar, and no dairy. I also stopped eating meat for the most part. After the 30 days, I lost all the weight I had gained through pregnancy and then some. I signed up for a half marathon and started training, continued the tabata, and practiced the 80/20 principle to healthy eating. I am still losing weight without trying (read: NO DIETING) and about 3.5 months since delivering my son am fitting back into clothes I haven’t worn in 6 years!

I’ve asked others to try the 30 day challenge and I consistently hear, “but what can I eat”…let me show you. I believe that everyone has the body type meant for them – whether that is thin or thick, but eating correctly is 80% responsible for what your body and skin look like, 10% attributed to genetics, and 10% to exercise. My goal is to help educate people on eating properly. Remember you have to enjoy life, and life is more than nuts, water, and apples. 80% of the time I keep gluten, sugar, and dairy out of my diet, but 20% of the time I let it in. However, after feeling so good without, it is rare I want to binge or even let it in. I now feel great about my body, my skin has improved, and I still get to enjoy my wine. Let me help you reach Pure Salivation!

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